This dynamic AccountsApp is a complete guide to study Principles of Accounts for both CSEC and GCE O’Level exams. It was created to provide POA teachers and students with a teaching tool that offers a brain-based learning approach to study, where easy, quick, creative, and fun learning experiences are fundamental. The AccountsApp includes: 

  • Textbook presented in ten sections with glossary and complete text answers. Interactive, integrated with other resources.
  • Printable pages of accounts ledgers and journals.
  • 29 Tutorial Videos.
  • Creative Learning Strategies Video.
  • Flash Cards-Game comprising 410 questions.
  • Pocket Notes comprising five volumes of key terms and sample accounts.
  • Text-to-Audio or Screen Reader.
  • Group study-support forum with author of AccountsApp study resources, POA teacher and psychologist specializing in brain-based learning, Dr. Meletha St. Hill.
  • Offline app use of pages you visited online in the last day.
  • This is a membership app, which requires a yearly subscription. Students are expected to complete the syllabus in one year. Extensions are provided. Schools are offered up to a 50% discount in the second year.
  • Premium monthly paid membership for the virtual class, which provides individual and group tutoring, practice exams, and support for effective study and success.

AccountsApp Tools + Study = Success!

Access the App

To access the resources in this AccountsApp, you will need to: 

  • Subscribe for membership, whether through your school or independently.
  • Register as a member in one of three levels. Here, you will be able to create your username and password, which you will use to login.
  • Login. Upon successful login, you will be redirected to the AccountsApp resources.
  • Schools will be required to submit a school directory of POA teachers and students to provide eligibility for their school affiliate individual registration and login.
  • Virtual class membership is a paid premium level that is only available to registered members, whether paid independent or school affiliate.
  • The virtual class has two levels: Sardius, for Form IV or beginning students; and Topaz, for Form V, or students with basic level understanding of accounting principles.