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Written in the language of your personal tutor, our POA textbook covers the syllabi of the CSEC and GCE O’Level exams. Comprehensive questions have been demonstrated and test-your-understanding exercises have been provided to ensure your understanding and practice of accounting principles. To aid in study, this textbook comes with complete answers that model the presentation needed for exam answers. Significantly, the textbook also provides opportunities for self-regulated learning and time management skills to complete the 10 sections-topics and 40 chapters in a flexible time-frame that satisfies personal goals.


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The tutorial videos comprise 29 units on the entire CSEC and GCE O’Level syllabi, to be completed in just eight hours. Tutorial videos include:

  • Exam techniques
  • Comprehensive guidelines for completion of the School Based Assessment for CSEC
  • An interactive revision unit that covers the instructional material in all the other units




Text information on ledgers and accounts


Cards consist of 410 questions on accounts. Cards can be used as individual revision in the form of flash cards, or as group revision when used as a game. Answers are provided at the touch of a button.


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The pocket notes consists of a five volume set with samples of all accounts and key terms, plus brain-based learning strategies to help you remember all the key terms and formats used in preparing accounts.


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Printable journal and ledger pages for students’ practice of accounts:

  • Cash and Petty Cash Books
  • Sales and Returns Inwards Journals
  • Purchases and Returns Outwards Journals
  • General Journal
  • Ledger


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Virtual Programs to complete the syllabus of your choice. This is a premium feature for persons who want to study online with an expert tutor giving individual instruction and support for 1-10 months. Access requires a monthly fee of $30, which students must subscribe to. The programs comprise:

  • Exam pass papers completion and correction for Form V students
  • 1-10 month class for Form IV and V students





This is a FREE Group Interaction portal. Four groups have been established for which you can sign up with your friends. They are:

  • Ruby 4.1 and 4.2 for Form IV students
  • Diamond 5.1 and 5.2 for Form V students

You can sign up after you subscribe and login.

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